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Advertentie ruimte
Class Teacher group 4 (0.6 fte)
Toegevoegd op
9 september 2020
Eind Datum
8 november 2020
Functie naam
Aanvang functie
Loon indicatie
To define

KinderRijk uit Naarden zoekt een Class Teacher group 4 (0.6 fte) per 2020-09-09

What it is all about at the Junior Campus:
Passion for Bilingual Education
Enthusiasm for IPC
Interest in International Mindedness

Support from the start
You will work closely with your duo and can take practical courses.
Much more than just teaching lessons
Attention for developing awareness, social skills, IPC, ICT and bilingualism.
Personal and effective teaching
You are the director of your class. Plenty of room for creativity and personal input.
Welcoming colleagues
An open and pleasant atmosphere of enthusiastic colleagues, who you can consult.
Opening a world for everyone
Offering guidance to every child in a safe community, whoever he/she is, whatever his/her abilities.
Lifelong learning
Numerous professional development workshops, training courses, and career opportunities are possible thanks to the umbrella organisation.

Essentials for the position:
As a class teacher at the Junior Campus you are responsible for 50% of the lessons where only Dutch or English is spoken. Your duo takes care of the other 50%.
Talents and qualities valuable to this position: being collaborative, communicative, solution-oriented and independent.
We are a young, growing school and in continuous development.
The minimum requirements for this position are:  Bachelor’s degree in Education / Pabo, knowledge of bilingualism and IPC.
Not sure whether you meet the requirements? Apply anyway. We can always help you in reaching your next step in your teaching profession.

What drives you? Tell us!
As part of your application, we are interested in what really matters to you in your teaching profession and in the world. We therefore ask you to share this with us (in addition to your CV) by means of your own choice. We are curious!
Do you have any questions about the position, about the school or about Alberdingk Thijm Scholen? Please do not hesitate to contact Annette Jonker
See what it is all about at the Junior Campus at

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