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Advertentie ruimte
Early Years Education Adviser
Toegevoegd op
18 november 2020
Eind Datum
18 januari 2021
Functie naam
Aantal uur per week
Aanvang functie
April 2021
Loon indicatie
local allowance
Ontwikkelingsorganisatie VSO Nederland

As a specialist in Early Years Education, you will advise local tutors on how to train students in active and Child-Centred teaching methods. You will support and offer training to in-service teachers on active methods and resource development. You will monitor and report the inputs and outputs of program interventions.

Country: Rwanda
Application closing date:  Flexible
Start date: April 2021 (if the situation allows it)
Duration: 12-24 Months
Thousands of teachers around the world do not get the necessary training and support, and as a consequence pupils do not reach their full potential. VSO is working to change this.

As a VSO volunteer, you will immerse yourself in a new culture, face fresh challenges and develop your expertise, and often also management skills while doing something truly fulfilling. The local office or partner’s need will decide your exact job description.

Role overview
As a specialist in Early Years Education, you will advise local tutors on how to train students in active and Child-Centred teaching methods. You will support and offer training to in-service teachers on active methods and resource development. You will monitor
and report the inputs and outputs of program interventions.

Project Inception Period:

  • Work in a team to develop early childhood care and education (ECCE) educators’ multi-media self -learning toolkit and app on inclusive learning through play
  • Strengthen evidence and documentation on the programmatic context, including on social inclusion and gender, to inform project design development
  • Work with VSO Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) team to ensure the project data system and processes are designed to capture key data on the implementation of inclusive learning through play and usable by school staff, national volunteers and education officials
    and inspectors

Project Implementation Period:

  • Train, provide field level mentoring, and facilitate peer learning for national volunteers on their work with educators, headteachers, school governing bodies, and other community stakeholders
  • Collaborate with national volunteers in training and mentoring educators and headteachers on learning through play and facilitating their peer learning
  • Collaborate with national volunteers in training district and sub-district education officials and inspectors, school governing bodies, and community volunteers on the provision of, and accountability for, quality, inclusive learning through play (LtP)
  • Provide technical advice to district and sub-district officials and national volunteers on project activity planning, tracking progress, generating learning and adaptive implementation with reference to quantitative and qualitative data
  • Provide advice and guidance on effective engagement of parents, community volunteers, and the wider community to build support for LtP.
  • Support the development of materials and communication messages aimed at parents, parents, community volunteers, and the wider community to build support for LtP.
  • Produce accurate and reflective data-informed reports and impact case stories for project review, evaluation, and advocacy for improvements in ECCE

The ideal applicant will have:

  • Bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree in Early Childhood/Early Years Education
  • Minimum 3-4 years’ experience of teaching early childhood education focused on inclusive learning through play for 3-6 years old children
  • Fluent English speaker with good written skills and the ability to explain complex concepts to audiences of different levels of experience and knowledge.
  • Able to produce accurate, evidence-based, reflective reports, case stories with reference to qualitative and quantitative data on a quarterly basis
  • Working knowledge of early childhood education learning through play for improving learning through play pedagogy for teaching early childhood education children/ kindergarten
  • Extensive experience in training early childhood care and education educators on learning through play pedagogies
  • Ability and experience in mentoring ECCE Educators to practically advance learning through play in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Experience in training education leaders on supervision, monitoring to support ECCE
  • Ability to develop professional development materials on inclusive learning through play preferably resources for remote learning and digital/app-based material
  • Ability to use technology for professional development and use data to monitor progress and inform changes to approaches and support provided for professional development.
  • Strong skills in facilitating peer learning amongst professionals
  • Ability to identify and promote LtP approaches to meet the needs of children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities
  • Able other stakeholders to increase understanding of LtP and build support and partnership between schools and parents for LtP
  • Capacity to build understanding and support for LtP approaches amongst teachers, school leaders, local authorities and national government stakeholders.

Besides these skills, you need to be open-minded, respectful, resilient, and adaptive to new situations. It is important that you can facilitate positive change, build sustainable working relationships, and are willing to seek and share knowledge.

For further information about this job, download here the detailed job description.

Terms & conditions
The experience of a placement is a one-of-a-life-time experience and will benefit you in multiple ways. You will have the chance to learn to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. There is often the opportunity to develop your teamwork-, leadership-
and management skills. This can be helpful for career opportunities after your placement.
VSO will cover and support you in all preparations: training, visa, work permit, registration in-country, flights, vaccinations, anti-malarial treatment, PEP treatment, medical and security clearance. In-country VSO will provide induction and support in placement,
arrange secure accommodation (often shared with another VSO professional), full medical insurance (including repatriation cover), medical indemnity insurance, work-related travel costs, and a living allowance which will enable you to live a basic but healthy
lifestyle, but which is not sufficient to cover ongoing commitments at home. 

Note that this position involves working across several districts of the country.  To travel to districts you would usually travel on local buses.  Travel within districts will usually be as a passenger on motorbike taxis.

What we do at VSO
Our programs focus on the areas of health, education, and livelihoods, with an increasing emphasis on resilience building, social accountability, gender, and social inclusion. We believe progress is only possible when we work together and that strong partnerships
are crucial to delivering positive change. That’s why we work with over 500 partner organizations, from local and national governments to businesses, NGOs, funders, charities and community groups. Currently, over 30% of our people are recruited from within
the country in which they work, and we continue to grow the share of community and national volunteers involved in our programs. We also send increasing numbers of volunteers from one developing country to another. However, our vision has remained the same;
to build a world without poverty.

The world currently faces challenges on a scale not seen in a century. As a global organization, efforts to control COVID-19 will certainly result in changes to VSO’s activities and operations in the coming months. At this moment we are not sending international
professional volunteers abroad. We have dedicated teams monitoring the situation, working across locations, programmes and projects to ensure we respond appropriately and responsibly – and that no one is left behind. We’ll continue to recruit professional
volunteers and maintain a talent pool, to be prepared to work with them in the face of this uncertainty to plan for the future and build a fair world for everyone. If you have any questions about our current programs and where we currently operate, don’t hesitate
to contact our recruiter Kelly.

VSO is een internationale ontwikkelingsorganisatie die door duurzame kennisuitwisseling werkt aan een rechtvaardiger wereld zonder armoede. Op aanvraag van lokale organisaties in Afrika en Azië zenden wij vakdeskundigen uit die hun kennis en ervaring daar delen. Lokale organisaties kunnen daardoor hun werk effectiever doen. VSO heeft per jaar 200 onderwijsvacatures dus bezoek de VSO website en kijk hoe een onderwijsfunctie in een ontwikkelingsland er voor jou uit kan zien.

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